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About Bamboo House

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Bamboo House Pangandaran Hotel

Bamboo House Pangandaran Hotel

Bamboo House Pangandaran Hotel established since 1987 at Jalan baru Bulak Laut Pantai Barat Pangandaran. At the beginning of the stand we made all the buildings of bamboo that is why it was secured BAMBOO HOUSE, and in 2011 we renovated all the buildings into more modern made of concrete but we do not change the name of the hotel because the name Bamboo House is famous in various corners of the world.

Where is Bamboo House Pangandaran Hotel?

Bamboo House Pangandaran Hotel Located in the center of Pangandaran city, 500m from bus terminal, 50m to West Coast of Pangandaran and 1km to nature reserve. So anyone can explore Pangandaran easily from our place.

How to get here?

By bus: You can use Budiman bus or Gapuraning Rahayu and get off at bus terminal, then you can use becak / ojek or you can walk.
By vehicle: You can go directly to our location (see map)

What amenities i get?

Bamboo House Pangandaran Hotel provides the best facilities for guests staying, and the facility is:

  1. Towel
  2. Blanket
  3. Breakfast
  4. Coffee/Tea
  5. Free Wifi
  6. Parking

Why Bamboo House Pangandaran are cheap hotel?

Bamboo House Pangandaran Hotel always prioritizes guests therefore we are famous to all over the world even the tour guide sites also recommend our hotel as a clean and cheap hotel on Pangandaran beach.

Still looking for accommodation in Pangandaran? Bamboo House Pangandaran Hotel is the right solution for your holiday, Book now!